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FAQs about banning someone on TikTok

What Does it Mean to Ban Someone on TikTok?

Banning someone on TikTok means that the person is blocked from accessing and engaging with your account in any way. This means they can no longer view, comment on, or like any of your posts. If you have previously interacted with the person, they may not be able to view that content either.

Let’s look at some of the frequently asked questions about banning someone on TikTok:

What are the consequences of banning someone?

When someone is banned from TikTok, they will no longer be able to access the app or any content associated with their account. This includes viewing live streams, viewing, liking and commenting on videos and searching for users or hashtags.

Additionally, other users will not be able to see the banned user’s profile, posts or activity in any way. They are completely removed from the app.

Banned users also will not receive notifications or messages from people they interacted with prior to the ban. Similarly, they will no longer have access to direct messages they received while using TikTok.

  • Finally, if a person is banned and attempts to log into the app using their previous credentials, the platform may detect their account has been blocked and display an error message rather than allowing them to access the account.

How to Ban Someone on TikTok

Banning someone on TikTok can be a difficult and sometimes confusing process. This section is designed to help you understand how to properly ban someone on the platform in order to protect your community, improve the user experience, and keep your followers safe.

We’ll provide an overview of the process, as well as some answers to frequently asked questions about banning someone on TikTok:

How to ban someone from your account?

If someone is inappropriately using your profile, harassing other users or otherwise disrupting your use of the service, you have the ability to ban them from viewing or interacting with your account.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your account and select their profile from the list of followers or viewers.
  2. Once you have reached their profile page, select the “ban” option on the menu bar at the top of the page. This will bring up a dialog box with more details about what banning this user will mean for them and for your account.
  3. Select “yes” to confirm that you want to permanently ban this user and they will no longer be able to view your content or interact with you on TikTok in any way.
  4. You can also choose to temporarily ban a user by selecting this option instead when available in the dialog box. This will restrict their access for 6 months before they can enjoy full access again.*

*The length of temporary bans may vary depending on which type of community guidelines are broken by the user in question and if it has happened before.

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How to ban someone from your live stream?

If you are hosting a live stream on TikTok, you may wish to ban someone from viewing it. Bannable offenses include sending repeated messages, introducing yourself more than once in the comments section, or sending inappropriate messages or links.

To ban someone from your live stream:

  1. Tap the comment icon at the bottom of your screen while live-streaming.
  2. Find the user who you would like to ban and tap their comment.
  3. Select “Ban” from the menu that appears underneath their comment and confirm that you would like to ban them from watching your live stream in the dialogue box that appears.
  4. The user will now be banned and unable to send comments or view your live streams for 24 hours; there is also an option to block them permanently if needed. Note that if the user creates a new account within the 24 hour ban period, they will not be able to access your videos until their ban has expired.

What Happens After Banning Someone on TikTok?

When you ban someone on TikTok, the user will be removed from your account and any of your comments and likes related to that user will be removed. This also means that the user will be unable to view your account, follow you, send messages, comment on any of your videos, or react to your videos.

This article will look into the details of what happens after you ban someone on TikTok:

How long does the ban last?

When an account has been banned on TikTok, the length of the ban is dependent on the severity of the violation. Most bans are permanent; however, some can be temporary.

Violations that may result in a temporary ban may include spam or other behaviors deemed inappropriate by TikTok’s Community Guidelines. In these cases, users may be blocked from posting or commenting for a predetermined amount of time before they are allowed to access their account again.

If the user commits a more severe violation, such as hate speech or promotion of violence, their account could be permanently disabled and they will have no further access to their content or followers.

Can the banned person be unbanned?

In some cases, it may be possible to unban a person who has been banned from TikTok. Depending on the reason for the ban, a person might be able to provide additional information or resolve any issue that led to the ban. For example, if the person was banned due to copyright infringement, they may need to send proof of their right of use before they are unbanned. If the ban was for inappropriate content or behavior, then apologizing and promising not to repeat this type of behavior can also lead to an unbanning.

However it is important to note that in some situations, such as with accounts found participating in malicious activity or accounts that are very young in age (under 16), there will likely be no option for an unbanning or reinstatement of the account and permanent bans are instituted.

What to Do After Banning Someone on TikTok?

Banning someone on TikTok can be the best solution for getting rid of unwanted content or trolls. By banning someone, you can ensure that the content or person does not appear on your TikTok feed. After banning someone, there are some things that you should do to ensure that the ban remains in effect and the person cannot access your profile again.

Let’s look at some of these steps:

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How to report a banned user?

After you have banned someone on TikTok, reporting them is the next step to ensure that their account behavior does not negatively impact other users. You can report a banned user from your in-app Security Center.

When you report a user that has been banned, you will be asked to provide specific details related to their activity. This includes information about their profile, their activities on the platform, and anything else which might help TikTok identify any potential violations of our Community Guidelines.

In addition, reporting a user after they have been banned will trigger an immediate review of their account by our Safety team. They will evaluate the submitted information and if necessary, may take additional action against the user’s profile including further suspensions or account deletion.

Your feedback is very important in helping us keep TikTok a safe environment for all users and we thank you for taking the time to report abuse on our platform.

How to block a banned user?

Once a user has been banned from your TikTok account, there are also steps that can be taken to completely block that user.

To block a banned user, enter the Settings menu and select ‘Privacy & Safety’. From there, select ‘Blocked Users’ and tap ‘Add’ in the upper right corner – this will bring you to a menu where you can type in their username or search among your contacts. When you’ve found the name of your blocked user, tap ‘Block’ to finalize your selection.

The banned user will not be able to view or interact with any of your content after being blocked. It is also important to note that messages from the blocked user will remain in the ‘Blocked’ tab and cannot be accessed through any other tab in your TikTok account.

How to delete a video from a banned user?

When a user is banned from TikTok, their account will be removed from the platform and all the videos associated with that account will also be deleted. It is not possible for you to contact the user after they have been banned or to access their information. Therefore, it is not possible for you to delete any videos from a banned user directly.

However, if another user has shared a video from a banned user on their profile, it is your responsibility to ask them to remove it. If they do not comply, you can report the video and have it removed by Tiktok’s moderation team. Additionally, if you find a shared video that contains content that violates TikTok’s guidelines or policies, report it immediately and provide as much evidence as possible.