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Meet The Girls

Jenny “Rocksta”

Jenny has been blogging since 2015, primarily with independent Media. She was an early contributor to “Geek, Game, Pow!”, and has written for a bunch of alternative publications on gaming, tech and music. She likes to dabble in spoken word and beat poetry, much to the displeasure of her friends and has been described as “a bit of alright”, and “not too bad” by a guy in her local pub once. Jenny has lived in England, Scotland and Spain, albiet briefly. Among other things, she likes South Korean & Japanese films, Tool, Stewart Lee, pub quizzes, and pear cider straight from the bottle…… she also hates the Tories.

Ivana “Playa”

Ivana was born in Slavonia, Croatia, and found herself on the shores of the UK as a young bright-eyed girl. The bright eyes have since disappeared, and when she is not gaming and writing, she spends most of her time preparing, grilling and eating Ćevapčići and Pljeskavica. When she is not enduring the overcast weather in Liverpool, you can probably find her on a beach in Dalmatia listening to Oliver Dragojević. Her pet peeves include correcting English people on how to pronounce her name, and Serbian Turbo-Folk Music. She speaks English, Croatian, Polish, and French, and is now trying to learn Dothraki in the hope that HBO will revive Daenerys Targaryen for a new spinoff in the future.

Sam “Sassi”

Sam, or Samcat, recently joined the team after meeting Jenny and Ivana through friends on a not-so-classy night out in Blackpool. She was and still is studying digital art and web design, and thus a perfect addition to an already motley crew. Sam loves conspiracy theories and thinks Cadbury creme eggs were created solely to make her go on a diet every 6 months. She loves to cuddle with her two Corgis and get into Twitter arguments. Late to the gaming scene, she now loves to stream “Hogwarts Legacy” on Twitch, and can’t wait till the day someone other than her mother gives her a tip. Her new favorite movie is “The Menu” as she also works in a restaurant and thinks the odd culling of customers isn’t the worst idea.



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