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Galaxy Watch 4 – User interface

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The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic are the latest in Samsung’s range of smartwatches. With their sleek and modern design, they look right at home on your wrist.

As well as a sleek design, Samsung has invested in an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface. In this article, we’ll look at how the Watch 4 and the Watch 4 Classic work and explore the features of their user interfaces.

Overview of Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic

The Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic are Samsung’s latest offerings in the world of wearables. They offer the same cutting-edge performance, features, and design as its predecessors, but with some improvements. So whether you’re looking for a fitness tracker, or an assistant for keeping up with your day-to-day tasks; the Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic have something for everyone.

These watches feature a 1.2 inch Super AMOLED always on display along with 360 x 360 resolution. The Galaxy Watch 4 is powered by Exynos 9110 processor and runs on Tizen OS 4.0 while the classic version runs on Tizen 3.0 operating system. Both versions have GPS, Bluetooth v5.0, Wi-Fi connectivity, Samsung Pay support. In addition, they are IP68 certified for dust and water resistance so users can take them out in any weather condition without worry of damage to their watch.

Both watches come equipped with user friendly controls like a rotating bezel that lets users quickly toggle through menus while on the go. As far as sensors go, both watches have an accelerometer, gyroscope compass, altimeter barometer and heart rate monitor which is designed to give anyone looking to get fit; improved tracking accuracy during workouts as well as notifications about their overall health status like heart rate zones and sleep patterns data collected over time for more detailed lifestyle insights about themselves or attached family members or loved ones right at their fingertips!

What’s new with the Galaxy Watch 4

The Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic greatly overhaul upcoming Samsung watches’ user interface. These new versions feature an updated user interface with a redesigned home screen, better custom navigation options, and improved notifications. With the latest Samsung watch technology, users can now easily access their favorite functions with fewer clicks and have a more intuitive experience across their wrist.

The Galaxy Watch 4 offers enhanced personalized health monitoring capabilities while sporting an ultra-lightweight design. It has improved stress tracking and advanced sleep tracking features that allow users to stay in touch with their physical health. Additionally, the watch offers a range of capabilities that can be customized to fit individual lifestyles, including customizable home screens for streamlined control over what you see on your watch face at any given time.

The Watch 4 Classic is designed for the more traditional style enthusiast who wants all of the advancements in the Watch 4 wrapped up in a timeless design. The classic bezel brings an effortless touch of style to help wearers stand out from the crowd while maintaining an elegant look on any wrist size or shape. In addition, both watches support Near Field Communication (NFC) so you can conveniently pay bills or make purchases without having your wallet handy or having to take out your credit cards or debit cards.

Design and Build Quality

The design of the Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic are sleek and stylish, with a premium look and feel.

The case is made of stainless steel and is available in two sizes – 46mm and 42mm. It’s also water resistant up to 50m, ideal for those who want to use it in the pool or at the beach.

Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic hands-on

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, and its companion, the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, are two of the newest wearables to come out of Samsung’s lineup. Together they bring a more refined look and feel to the lineup and an array of new features.

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When you unbox the Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic for the first time, you will immediately see that these watches live up to Samsung’s reputation for design and build quality. Both have a stainless steel body and a mirrored finish that adds a touch of luxury. In addition, the 1.4” Super AMOLED screen on both models is viewable in all lighting conditions thanks to its 2nd Generation Always On Display technology. The watches also boast 5 ATM water resistance so you can wear either one in the shower or swimming pool with no worries.

The included bands are comfortable on your wrist too – the 20mm bands on both Watches are made of high-grade silicone so they won’t rub or irritate your skin when you wear them for extended periods. In addition, with 38 different colors between them (20 colors for Galaxy Watch 4 and 18 colors for Watch 4 Classic), there’s sure to be one that matches your wardrobe perfectly! And if you want something different after awhile, both Watches also feature a fully customizable strap system that caters to hundreds of third-party straps and Samsung’s collection.

Design and Build Quality

The Galaxy Watch 4 features a refined design with luxurious materials and craftsmanship. It comes in two sizes, the 42mm Galaxy Watch 4 and the 46mm Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, and three colors: silver, black and rose gold. The 42mm has a 1.2-inch display whereas the 46mm has a 1.4-inch display for greater visibility.

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For both sizes, Samsung opted for Corning Gorilla Glass DX as its display protection material—something new we hadn’t seen before on our hands-on review unit of the device. The watch is also rated IP68 water resistant, allowing it to be submerged in up to 5 feet of water for half an hour with no issue.

Regarding build quality, both watches feature stainless steel casing which adds to their durability and premium look-and-feel. Furthermore, they are equipped with rotating bezels that rotate smoothly in either direction when you spin them around or can be used to navigate you through menus quickly when tapped or double tapped on. Additionally, each watch is outfitted with two buttons – one positioned at 2 o’clock for launching apps quickly like Samsung Pay or Samsung Health (depending on usage habits). At the same time, the other at 4 o’clock serves more general tasks like opening your list of contacts or apps from the quick panel view menu.

User Interface

The Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic have a wide selection of features for users. The user interface comprises a combination of buttons, touchscreens and voice commands. The user can access all the watch functions quickly and efficiently, with the different modes and widgets available.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic user interfaces and how they can be used to get the most out of the watch.

Navigation and Home Screen

The navigation and home screen of the Galaxy Watch 4 are provided by a custom operating system (OS) called Tizen OS. The device has a circular bezel that allows you to navigate the menus and select different functions easily. The main screen is uses an interactive grid that displays apps in the order you want to present them.

The Home Screen will be centered around one of 6-8 sophisticated and dynamic watch face styles with customized themes, colors, and layouts that bring the Galaxy Watch 4 to life. Additionally, a quick-access menu provides shortcuts to your favorite settings, recent activities, music controls, notifications and more. The quick access menu can also house several applications such as calendar events, alarms clock shortcut and avatar icons for messaging applications such as WhatsApp.

You will also be able to access compatible networks such as Wi-fi or Bluetooth for connection with other devices like your smart phone or laptop for data transfer or streaming media files like pictures and music. In addition, there are five built in buttons on either side of the watch used for further navigation so users won’t have difficulty finding their way through the native applications on their new device.

Tizen OS

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 runs the company’s Tizen OS, which has been on Samsung wearables for many years. This operating system has advantages over competitors like WearOS as it offers far better battery life and general reliability than any other OS. Additionally, you get access to more secure apps from the app store and a clean user experience that works smoothly.

Tizen’s interface is designed with round displays in mind, so all of the menus and apps are made to fit the curved display nicely. All the menus are contained in a two-level series of circles which you can scroll through with swipes left or right. The navigation is intuitive and fast, making it easy for even non-tech savy users to find something quickly. The watch also includes several native health tracking functions such as sleep analysis, heart rate tracking and fitness tracking. These all help make this watch great for fitness enthusiasts or anyone who likes to accurately track their health habits.

The watch is also compatible with Samsung’s Galaxy Wear app store, allowing you to download various apps to add extra functionality and exciting features to your watch. Every app installed on a Galaxy Watch 4 will have been tested for security so users can rest assured that the device is safe from malicious activity or viruses. Thanks to Tizen OS’s efficient use of resources, even apps with graphic intensive content won’t bog down performance or cause laggy animations like other operating systems can do when pushed too hard.

Apps and Widgets

The Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic offer various apps and widgets to keep you connected, informed and entertained. With a simple swipe and tap, you can access your emails, receive notifications, control music playback or view your upcoming schedule. Tap the Settings icon on the bottom-left corner to customize the watch’s home screen. You can choose from different clock types to show time in either analog or digital formats.

The Galaxy Store provides more apps to download and access directly from the watch. Select the Search button on the top right corner of your watch interface.

Using voice commands is also possible – calling contacts, playing music, or setting alarm reminders by simply speaking into your watch’s microphone. In addition, widgets are available for quick-access functions such as weather updates and certain 3rd-party app notifications that give you specific info at a glance. To change these settings directly from your phone’s companion app (Galaxy Wearable), just open the App menu in settings & select Widget Layout to edit its appearance & content through intuitive drag-and-drop functionality.


The Galaxy Watch series has always been known for its performance, and this iteration is no different. Thanks to the addition of improved hardware and software features, the Galaxy Watch 4 series delivers a smoother and more efficient user interface than ever before.

This article will cover the performance benefits of the Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic and a hands-on impression of the device.

Battery Life

The battery life of the Galaxy Watch 4 is impressive. Depending on your usage, you can expect a day and a half of battery life with the 44mm model. The smaller 42mm takes slightly shorter time to deplete but should still provide at least a day’s battery life. Samsung claims its Watch 4 series offers up to 48 hours of usage with light to moderate use, but your mileage may vary depending on how you use it. The watch features an integrated Quick Charging system that allows it to be quickly back up to full charge in no time.

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The Galaxy Watch 4 also comes equipped with an optimised power saving mode, automatically detecting when the watch has been idle for too long and turning off certain non-essential components to help conserve power. This feature helps the watch stick around for even longer periods without having to completely shut down its operations. Of course, this does mean certain apps such as messaging and voice control won’t be accessible while in this mode – but it certainly helps when needing an immediate boost in longevity.

Software and Hardware Performance

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has premium features and the latest version of Samsung’s Tizen operating system. Hardware-wise, the Galaxy Watch 4 uses a 1.15GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage space. In addition, the battery capacity in the Galaxy Watch 4 is good enough to last two days with moderate usage and up to seven days on power-saving mode.

On the software side, Samsung has baked in one of its newest functions – Efficient Android Connectivity (EAC). This allows you to access Android apps installed on your smartphone without taking your phone out of your pocket or handbag. The result is faster app loading times and better overall performance when using apps such as Fitness, Music or Health on your watch. Additionally, users will have access to over 70,000 watch faces and different bezel designs for customizing their experience further.

In terms of hardware performance, the Galaxy Watch 4 sports a 1.15GHz dual-core processor and dedicated graphics for higher refresh rates for smooth animations applied throughout its user interface – enabling it to keep up with whatever task you throw at it effortlessly! It also features an ambient light sensor which adjusts brightness based on your environment – making it easier to see information displayed on screen during darker hours such as nighttime or low-light settings, for example.


After using the new Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic extensively, it’s clear that they are a great addition to the Galaxy line. The user interface is intuitive and easy to use, making them great for fitness and smartwatch features. The battery life is also impressive, and several customization options are available.

Let’s look at the conclusion about the Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic.

Pros and Cons

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and the Watch 4 Classic have embraced some UI upgrades to smartwatch standards, ensuring a better user-interface experience. The hands-on showed the major improvements and impressed.


-The enhanced UI of the Galaxy Watch 4 has intuitive organization to make navigation easier, even more than predecessor models.

-Integrating mobile app/service pairs into an easy to access UI was simple and natural.

-Staying connected with LTE services, music streaming, Instant Messaging and an improved activity, fitness and health tracking features makes it worthwhile for users looking for a complete smartwatch experience.


-The battery life still falls short in comparison with rival devices.

-At this stage, much of the customizability remains limited for users who are not tech savvy enough to navigate through settings easily such as multi function gestures and shortcuts.

Final Thoughts

The user interface of the Galaxy Watch 4 and the Watch 4 Classic have plenty to offer users, both visually and functionally. The operating system is smooth, intuitive, and easy to use. In addition, the customization options allow users to tailor their device to match their needs, while the Activity Zone app can help monitor health and wellness goals.

With its large selection of watch faces, long battery life, and water-resistance capabilities, there is no doubt that the Galaxy Watch 4 & Watch 4 Classic are some of best wearables on the market today.

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