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Fortnite: Tips and tricks for using aim assist on PS4

Are you having trouble becoming a Fortnite pro on your PS4? If so, you may want to look into enabling aim assist. Aim assist is a great way to give yourself an edge in the game and improve your accuracy.

Read on to learn how to turn it on, and get your Fortnite game going!

Introduction to Aim Assist on Fortnite PS4

Aim assist in Fortnite on PlayStation 4 helps players to stay accurate while shooting as the game will provide an extra level of support to the aiming system. With this feature enabled, players can aim in accordance with where they are pointing with their controller. On the PlayStation, aim assist is available on both regular and controller-attached scopes.

This article outlines the steps a player needs to take when turning on aim assist for PS4.

  • First, the player must turn on “Aim Assist” from their game controller’s Accessibility options menu. To do so, press and hold down both shoulder buttons for about three seconds until it appears in your screen. From there, change its assigned key and set it to “ON” under Settings>Controls>Customize Button Assignments>Accessibility Options (or Options).

As soon as a player has enabled Aim Assist for their game controller, they will be able to experience its effects ingame by affecting aiming performance and accuracy across all areas of the game. As “aim assisting” technology continues to evolve over time with software updates applied by developers, these changes can affect the effectiveness of Aim Assist on Fortnite PS4.

Enabling Aim Assist may not be suitable or desired for all players and is ultimately up to individual preference as per gamer skill level – advanced gamers may prefer to play without assistance while beginners may find it increases accuracy. Ultimately it comes down to personal preference whether one chooses to turn this feature on or off depending on their gaming goals – something every player should consider when setting up their console for playing Fortnite!

Benefits of Using Aim Assist

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One of the most useful features for those playing Fortnite on the PlayStation 4 is aim assist, which is enabled by default. Aim assist helps you take out opponents more precisely and accurately, making it an invaluable element of any gaming strategy. The feature works similar to auto-aim, but it only applies when the reticle is close to an enemy while aiming down sights (ADS). Aim assist enhances your lock-on accuracy by providing an invisible force that supports your aim.

Some players do not like using aim assist due to its lack of precision, however for those who want to maximize their gaming abilities it can be a great help. While using aim assistance does not guarantee success in a game, as your skill level is still crucial to good gameplay, employing this feature can improve your chances of surviving longer and racking up kills along the way.

Benefits of using aim assist include:

  • Improved Accuracy: Aim assistance tightens up your aiming field so you can hit opponents more accurately from farther away with less chance for missing shots.
  • Faster Lock on Targeting: The built-in magnetism effect works like a manual trigger lock mechanism that quickly locks on target enemies when they move into view or close in on you.
  • Better Coverage: Aim assistance provides better coverage when aiming around corners or over objects because it automatically focuses the reticle on visible targets that are in range.
  • Reduced Fatigue: Not having to manually keep adjusting and finessing the reticle makes it much easier and less jarring than manually struggling with perfecting shots at all times during intense fights or trying to keep up with movement patterns outdoors.

How to turn on aim assist fortnite ps4

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Aim assist is a feature in Fortnite that highlights your enemy’s location and assists you in hitting your targets. It makes shooting opponents easier, but it can be tricky to figure out how to turn on aim assist when playing Fortnite on a PlayStation 4. Thankfully, the process of enabling aim assist is simple and straightforward. This guide will help you get started with setting up your PS4 controller for Aim Assist in Fortnite.

First, make sure aim assist is set to on in the Fortnite settings. The Confirm & Customize screen will open when creating or entering a match and here you can adjust your input type from Keyboard & Mouse to controller before confirming your options and loading into the match lobby.

Once in the match lobby select Options by highlighting it and pressing X on your controller. On the next screen select Settings followed by Shooting Assist and make sure that turn Assist is set to ‘on’ under ‘Assist Strength’. After this change has been made press x again to save your settings then return to the main menu of Fortnite.

Once back at main menu now look at bottom left of your screen and select Controller Settings followed by L3/R3 then scroll down until you see “aim response curve type” Select this option vs an bring up list of different curve types which affect how easy it is for you hit shots at longer range with different degrees of precision. After selecting one that works best for you press X again save settings and return back to main menu once more. Now click ‘Play fortnite’ then choose battle royale so start practicing with aim assist enabled now!

Finally, we’ve reached the end of this guide on how to turn on aim assist in Fortnite on PS4. Aim assist functions as an extra layer of accuracy that helps you line up shots. It should help you become more accurate and practice more efficiently even if your aim isn’t quite up to par.

Before activating it, make sure that you are in a situation where aim assist will actually be helpful, such as when facing opponents from a distance. While it does have its uses when playing close range shots too, it is best to switch it off for those situations.

With all this said and done, we hope that this article gave you an idea of how to effectively use aim assist in Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode so you can benefit from its features depending on the situation. Good luck!