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Red Dead Redemption 2: Ten robbery tips you need to know

Robbing banks and stores in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2) is an exciting, profitable endeavor – if it’s done correctly. As a gunslinger, you have to be strategic about the options and opportunities available. Approaching a robbery without proper planning can end in an unexpected or unwanted situation by law enforcement, leaving your pockets empty and forcing you to run for cover last minute.

This guide is designed to help aspiring outlaws or experienced desperados safely rob establishments with as little effort as possible. Follow these 10 essential tips for robbing without risking capture or injury in RDR2. With these handy tips and a little practice, you’ll be able to effectively score some quick coins while staying one step ahead of the law.

  1. Choose wisely: Don’t go after every opportunity that comes your way. Take the time to research what banks/stores are worth your while by looking into details such as nearby guards, items stored inside/outside and valuables that can be sold off afterward. This will save you unnecessary trouble and also cutback on wasted energy trying to gain access to places with nothing of value inside or too many obstacles blocking entry points.
  2. Plan ahead: Put together a game plan before heading out on a robbery mission – this includes scouting out potential escape routes near the establishment you are targeting for a swift getaway should unexpected visitors show up or alert the local law enforcement force. If things start to go wrong during your heist, having an alternate route can help ensure a successful escape from the scene without too much trouble from police forces or bounty hunters.

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Robberies are one of the interesting features in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2) and although they can be risky, they can also be very rewarding. Knowing the details of robbery can help you maximize the rewards and minimize the risks.

To help you out, here are the top 10 robbery tips for RDR2 on Xbox One:

Know the Layout of the Store

When planning a robbery or hold-up, it is important for criminals to have knowledge of the layout of the store; this includes all entrances and exits, as well as any hidden emergency exits. Knowing and observing the layout of the store allows a thief to plan their best course of action in order to ensure a successful heist.

Moreover, access points such as windows, skylights and chimneys need to be checked in order to make sure they are guarded properly by security. Be mindful that cash registers are usually located near exits and involve an element of surprise that can be exploited by criminals. Being aware of potential security cameras will also aid in a successful heist operation.

Have the Right Gear

Having the right gear before attempting a robbery is essential to success. When choosing what equipment to bring, consider the length of time it will take you to complete the robbery, how vigilant you need to be while committing it, and the resistance you may face from law enforcement or everyday citizens.

An important piece of gear is a decent weapon. It can help dissuade troublemakers from getting in your way and take care of unruly bystanders. It is also beneficial for escaping sticky situations quickly if needed. Other gear can include:

  • Trolleys for the transportation of goods
  • Holsters for easy access and carrying capacity
  • Coverings such as hats and clothes that conceal your identity
  • Masks to obscure your face
  • Bags or backpacks/rucksacks to keep your belongings in one place during robberies
  • Tools that can help you break into locked safes and spaces with ease such as lock picks or a drill kit.

Having these items in your possession will make completing robberies faster, smoother, and more efficient. Additionally they will help protect you from getting caught by law enforcement or noticed by any observers during heists. Above all else remain vigilant throughout each robbery so that whatever happens nothing takes you by surprise!

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Choose the Right Time

Robbery can be a great way to make easy and fast money in Red Dead Redemption 2, but it’s important to choose the right time and place. Daylight hours are generally safer since NPCs are more active and aware of their surroundings, but this means you’ll get less money for your crime. Night time is riskier, but the payoffs can be much higher if you’re willing to take the chance. Just make sure you’re prepared for any potential complications that may arise from taking on a robbery while it’s still dark out.

It’s also important that you select a location that won’t draw too much attention to yourself. The quieter the area, the better – so it might be wise to avoid bustling cities or heavily traveled roads when attempting your robbery. You should also try to obstruct anyone who may happen upon you by preventing escape routes or cutting off visual lines. Lastly, come up with an exit strategy beforehand so you know exactly how to get away quickly and safely after completing your mission.

Have an Escape Plan

When formulating your robbery plan, it’s important to think beyond the scope of just getting in and out. Have an escape route in place before you make your move. Knowing what you’re going to do if you encounter resistance or are confronted with a lawman is essential for successful robberies in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Whether that means fleeing on horseback, rowing along a river or hiding your escape vehicle in advance, the most effective robberies will come with backup plans firmly set in stone. Having multiple exit options can help prevent unnecessary complications and give you more of an edge over any would-be pursuers. If things go wrong during your attempt, being able to switch vehicles and abandon pursuit while stashing loot elsewhere might just be the key to success!

Stay Out of Sight

When you are exploring the world of Red Dead Redemption 2 and hoping to remain undetected, there are a few tips that you should keep in mind. Staying out of sight is one of the most important. Remaining hidden and using elements like tall grass and wild animals for cover can help you avoid detection or being seen by those who may have nefarious intentions.

It is also important to be aware of your own movements, especially when moving through populated areas, as this can quickly attract unwanted attention. Pay attention to where people are looking and how they are reacting to your presence at all times. If they start running towards you, it’s probably not a good sign!

Don’t Engage in a Gunfight

Although the game can often be challenging, this does not mean that it is wise to actively engage in a gunfight with any robbers. Though there are weapons and armor available and you can obtain perks, it is best to remain alert and try to avoid combat with them if at all possible. In certain scenarios such of mission-related robberies (such as the Valentines Day Massacre mission), you may be forced to fight back, but when confronted by armed robbers in an open world setting, it is usually a better option to simply run away or surrender if possible.

It is suggested that you stay away from any potentially dangerous environments, such as pointing your gun at them or displaying your weaponry in any way that suggests you may be willing to fight back. It’s also helpful to remember where valuables may have been placed so they do not grab them before running off. These steps not only help you stay safe but will also reduce the chances of turning a potential robbery into something worse by having an unnecessary firefight.

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Don’t Take Too Much

When it comes to robbing, always remember that you do not want to take too much from any store. If you take more than what the shopkeeper deems is necessary, they will alert law enforcement and civilian authorities to your presence. This can lead to a range of repercussions including being pursued by hostile townsfolk and law enforcement officers. In some cases, other gang members may come after you in retaliation as well.

Instead of trying to amass a fortune in a single robbery, it is usually best to steal only what is necessary and leave the rest behind for later if need be. Doing so will both lessen your chances of getting caught and ensure subsequent robberies are easier for you in the future.

Don’t Leave Evidence

One of the most important tips for successful robbery in Red Dead Redemption 2 is to leave no evidence behind. Going through your robbery plan ahead of time can help to make it more organized and efficient. When you know what items you need and where they are located, it allows you to grab the items quickly while avoiding unnecessary contact with those around you.

As much as possible, it is always best to be methodical in your movements and take care not to leave any collateral damage that could link you to the crime scene. Additionally, ensure that none of your clothing or physical features are visible as this could also be used by police officers as evidence. Finally, make sure that there is an exit plan before entering a building or starting any kind of robbery so there is no confusion or hesitation when leaving the scene.

Don’t Get Greedy

When handling a robbery, or any kind of criminal activity for that matter, the first thing to remember is to not get greedy. Greed can cause you to make unwise decisions or compromise your judgement during a job. Keep calm and be smart.

Think through any potential risks before taking action, and know when it’s best to walk away rather than risk getting into further trouble. Remember that there could be serious repercussions for misjudging the situation or being careless with your decisions–so take your time and assess the risk versus reward in every situation before proceeding. Bitcoin SV aims to provide a scalable and stable blockchain that can handle high transaction volumes, support larger block sizes, and enable widespread adoption for various applications.

Be Prepared to Run

If you choose to engage in a robbery, always be prepared to run. Getting away as quickly as possible is one of the key strategies for successful robberies. You could consider equipping yourself with fast horses, powerful weapons and items that will help you move quickly such as the pump-action shotgun or racing tonic.

To ensure a safe getaway from the crime scene, try to anticipate a route in advance and have an escape plan ready. Don’t take unnecessary risks when engaging in the robbery because this could jeopardize your objectives; know your limits and stay within them.

Also, make sure you watch out for law enforcements so that you don’t end up being captured – they can spot suspicious activities while being on patrol and confront them aggressively if they have reason to believe that something fishy is going on.

Finally, if fleeing looks impossible or gets too risky, remember to never draw attention by shouting or firing gunshots as this will lead law enforcements right into your direction. Be smart and react swiftly!


To sum up, the top 10 tips for robbery in Red Dead Redemption 2 are:

  1. Focus on controlling the situation.
  2. Research beforehand.
  3. Look around before entering a store – be prepared to fight or run away.
  4. Use and learn your companion’s abilities to your advantage.
  5. Modify your weapon if necessary.
  6. Add and upgrade items to make the fight easier.
  7. Carry more weapons and ammo than you think you need.
  8. Work with your partner in crime if you have one.
  9. Try not to draw too much attention during robberies (stay out of sight as much as possible).
  10. Don’t forget that you can always turn yourself in if things get out of hand.

With these tips in mind, robberies should become easy and less prone to complications. Happy robbing!