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Rocket League Prices PS4

rocket league prices ps4

Are you an avid Rocket League player on PS4 and curious to know the prices of different items in the game? You’re in luck, because this article covers all the essential items available for purchase and their associated prices.

Don’t miss out on getting your hands on those ultra-rare items now!

Rocket League Prices PS4

The prices for Rocket League on PS4 vary depending on where you purchase the game from. The game is available at most online retailers and gaming stores like GameStop and Amazon. Prices can range from around $20 for the standard version to around $30 for the deluxe version. Additionally, many PlayStation Plus members can get discounts or exclusive rewards when purchasing Rocket League through the Playstation store.

When buying Rocket League, you should also consider budgeting for any additional content you might want. The most common add-ons are Battle-Cars, Goal Explosions, and Decals, available in various packs with varying prices according to your desired content.

Rocket League Price PS4

The prices of Rocket League PS4 editions are generally determined by several factors such as game pack, customization items, editions, region, and platform. When purchasing the game, players can purchase the Rocket League Standard Edition directly from the PlayStation store and receive guaranteed 6 items (3 rare decals, 1 empty rarity boost and 2 unlocked wheels).

The price of this edition varies but usually costs around $19.99-$24.99 depending on sales or seasonal discounts at PSN. New players who want the best bang for their buck should opt for one of the Rocket League digital editions (Supersonic Fury, Revenge of Celestial or Collector’s Edition). These editions have extra content added to them such as special pre-ordered cars with 3 unique decals and 4 uncommon wheels from their respective themes. Unfortunately, they all have an additional cost tacked on top of the base version with prices ranging from $29.99-$39.99+.

For physical versions (disc form) players should anticipate paying a premium for their choices since these versions contain bonus items inside (codes are also redeemable at PSN). Prices usually range from $29.99 to $59 so be sure to check out your local stores before deciding!

Furthermore, when looking to buy expansions or downloadable content players should bear in mind that it might take a while until they become available in different regions due to licensing agreements/policies etc… Lastly, codes are interchangeable between platforms since they are tied to your PlayStation Network account after redemption so newcomers might benefit greatly from these options too!

rocket league insider ps4

Rocket League Item Prices PS4

Rocket League item prices may vary depending on the platform and type of item. For example, on PlayStation 4, Rocket League items are bought and sold using sports-themed items such as NFL helmets, NBA jerseys, FIFA cleats, Batman wheels and Disney paint finishes. As a result, prices can range from a few cents to hundreds of dollars.

Some of the most sought after items include Black Market decals like White Hat, Heatwave, Labyrinth and Vendetta. Premium uncommon items like Cobalt Shard Wheels (60 credits) and Turbine Wheels with cartoon designs (100 credits) are also popular. Rare items such as Dragon Lord Boosts (200-600 credits) or Vespura Player Banners (800-1200 credits) will generally fetch higher prices.

The most expensive item for PS4 is likely the Sweet Tooth car costume from PlayStation’s exclusive Twisted Metal crossover series– costing around $1000 US Dollars!

Rocket League Codes 2021 PS4

Rocket League codes for PlayStation 4 (PS4) can be used to unlock premium in-game content on the platform. Codes are usually distributed during promotional events or partnerships, using digital proof-of-purchase forms and/or printed slips that can be exchanged for digital items in Rocket League.

There are several types of content, such as new vehicles, wheels, decals, and trails; as well as exclusive player banners and titles that can only be unlocked using redeemable codes.

The codes available on PS4 differ from those available on other platforms, but all of them offer unique in-game rewards that PlayStation 4 gamers can enjoy. Some of the most popular items include new vehicles such as the Mahi Mahi Car Pack; wheels like Eternal Fire; decals like Shredder; player titles such as Android Champion: Series 1; and exclusive variants of popular items like Octane: Pitch Black Edition. In addition, some codes also grant bonus credits for purchasing cosmetic content in the store.

All these items are redeemable from PS4’s main menu by selecting “extras” and entering a code to unlock them permanently.

PS4 Rocket League Price List

The Playstation 4 (PS4) is one of the most popular gaming consoles on the market and Rocket League has quickly become one of its most beloved games. Rocket League is a soccer-based game where players control cars instead of players and can do tricks, stunts, and power-ups to score goals. While the game is free on the PS4, some items must be purchased for in-game content. This includes downloadable content (DLC), crates, and keys.

Below is a list detailing prices for all downloadable content related to Rocket League specifically on the PS4.

DL Champs Series 2: USD 7.99

Rocket Pass 5 Premium Pack: $9.99 USD

Hot Wheels Triple Threat DLC Pack: USD 5.99

Rocket Pass 4 Premium Pack: USD 9.99

DC Super Heroes DLC Pack: USD 3.99

Crates Series 10 & 11 Bundle: USD 4.99

Chaos Run Crate Series 8 & 9 Bundle: $9.99 USD

Keys – There are 3 different types of keys which range in price from 1-4 dollars depending on how many you buy at once :

-1 Key – 200 credits / R$2

20 Keys – 3,500 credits/R$35

100 Keys – 15,000 credits/R$150

Rocket League Crossplay PS4 PC

Rocket League is a popular video game developed and published by Psyonix Studios, released in 2015 for Microsoft Windows and the PlayStation Network, and ported to the Xbox One in 2016. In Rocket League, players control a rocket-powered car and use it to hit a ball into their Opponent’s goal to score points. The game includes single-player and multiplayer modes that can be played both locally and online, including cross-platform play between Xbox One and PC platforms.

Cross-platform play between PlayStation 4 and PC was added later in 2018. This allowed players to connect regardless of their platform of choice, featuring access to all content across platforms for ranked competitive play, exclusive seasonal events, esports events, tradeable items on PCs, Trading Post functionality with full compare windows on consoles, along with a shared inventory on Xbox One/PC/PS4.

As of December 2019 the Cross-Platform Support between PS4 and Xbox One has been discontinued due to platform restrictions limiting certain features that all platforms would need to maintain our cross-platform commitment. However you can still communicate while playing multiplayer games by either party chatting or through their respective console messaging services.

Rocket League PS4 Controller Settings

If you’re looking for the perfect combination of Rocket League Ps4 controller settings, you’ve come to the right place! Unfortunately, finding the right mix of sensitivity,deadzone and other controller options can be tricky. Still, with a bit of trial and error, you’ll soon be able to find a configuration that works perfectly for you.

Before we begin, it’s important to note that your controller settings may vary slightly depending on the different types of controllers available on PS4. However, we will focus on using the default Playstation 4 Dualshock 4 controller for this guide.

Controller Sensitivity The first thing to consider when setting up your sensitivities is how fast or slow you want your car to respond. The higher the sensitivity value (e.g., 8/10), the more responsive your car will be while turning, braking or accelerating; lower values (e.g., 4/10) will make it feel slightly sluggish. Experiment with different sensitivities until you find one that feels comfortable to you – just remember that adjusting any parameter slightly can drastically affect how quickly your car responds!

Steering Sensitivity This setting controls how much input is needed from the left analog stick to turn your car appropriately and effectively in a match. It all depends on personal preference: if you feel as though your car isn’t turning as sharply as it should be, increase this sensitivity value; conversely if it’s feeling too twitchy or unresponsive while driving then try decreasing its value instead.

Acceleration/Brake Deadzone Changing this option allows players to adjust their accelerators’ response time – helping them predict precisely when their vehicle will start moving forwards or slowing down mid-race. If this option is set too low, cars may drift erratically due to imprecise inputs; conversely, if it’s set too high, cars may take longer than anticipated before gaining speed properly once a button has been pressed!

Rocket League Precios PS4

Rocket League Prices PS4 (PlayStation 4) are updated daily for each source listed above. The prices shown are the lowest for Rocket League the last time we updated.

Historical content and information is valid and relevant. Check the background of each source on Google to provide feedback on its trustworthiness. Please let us know if you find any mistakes in our data by contacting us or commenting below!

The standard version of Rocket League prices around USD 19.99 or your regional equivalent. You can also purchase Rocket Pass from your regional PlayStation Store or Steam store, which will get you extra content in exchange for playing and earning XP in-game.

The Premium version of Rocket League may be more expensive and will include a variety of extra items, ranging from cosmetic items like cars, flags, banners, boosts, goal explosions and new trails; to downloadable content (DLC) packages that add unique items like the popular Nitro Circus DLC package. In addition, some websites may offer discounts on the Premium version of Rocket League and cross-platform bundles that bundle both versions together at a discounted price!

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Rocket League Local Multiplayer PS4

The most popular way to play Rocket League on PlayStation 4 is through local multiplayer mode. This allows players to set up matches in split-screen mode with two controllers. This can also be done online, with friends who also have the game. In addition, players in the same home network can join forces and compete against others online via matchmaking or private games.

In order to play Rocket League locally on the PS4, you need a copy of the game for each player that wants to participate. The cost for one copy of Rocket League will vary depending on your region and any discounts or special offers available at the time of purchase. It’s important to note that all players must own a copy of Rocket League to participate in multiplayer modes.

If you plan on buying multiple copies for four-player action, shop around for deals – as some retailers might offer bulk purchases at discounted rates or bundle pack deals with other titles or DLC content. Additionally, it may be worth considering subscribing to PlayStation Plus if you plan on playing online; this will give each user additional benefits such as exclusive discounts and access to free games every month.

Rocket League Price List PS4

The following is a guide for the prices of Rocket League items for PS4. Prices are listed according to item rarity: Standard, Certified, Painted and Special Editions.

Standard Items: The most common type of RL items available usually range from $2-5.

Certified Items: These are slightly more difficult to obtain, usually worth more than Standard editions and usually ranging from $6-15.

Painted Items: These RL items have special artwork/decorations painted on them, making them more desirable and therefore more valuable. Can be valued anywhere between $8-$30 depending on the item’s artwork/decoration tier.

Special Edition Items: Some exclusive RL games like Nitro Circus, Rumble or any other variants offer crates that haven’t been seen before or that contain new unique RL items with increased rarity such as Animated decals, Titles or Wheels/Boosts etc. can boast a price of up to $150 depending on the item’s rarity tier.

PS4 Rocket League Split Screen

Split-Screen in Rocket League allows for two local players to play on the same console. This feature allows gamers to team up with their friends offline and can increase the stakes when a challenge occurs.

Getting started with split-screen in Rocket League for the PS4 is easy, here’s how:

1. First, you will need two controllers connected to the system.

2. Then go into rocket league, select “Play” from the main menu and then choose either split screen Dual or Split Screen Doubles

3. Next, choose between playing ranked or unranked matches, an exhibition match or begin a private match

4. Once all options are chosen, each player must hit ready before beginning to play

5. Lastly, once both players have selected their car preferences and arena, hit start and begin playing!

Split-screen in Rocket League gives you, your competition and your winner more choices as to what goals each of you will try to reach before declaring a victor in the mad dash for victory! Have fun!

Rocket League Authentication Failed PS4

A Rocket League authentication failed error on PlayStation 4 (PS4) indicates that the profile you are currently logged in with cannot access one of the game’s features. Whenever an error occurs, checking your network connection is always a good idea, especially if you cannot access any online services. If your network setup is correct, ensure that your PS4 settings are set for online functionality and that all necessary ports are opened. Deleting and reinstalling Rocket League on your system may also be necessary as a last resort.

Players have sometimes found success after disabling cross-platform play in settings and opting out of joining or creating parties. If the Rocket League Companion App has been enabled on the console, it should also be disabled as this can affect authentication when attempting to join or create a party. Disabling Sony’s Share Play feature can also help resolve this issue.

Some users have had luck clearing their game cache files which can be done by resetting their console’s settings via Safe Mode which helps clear any software issues that might arise while playing Rocket League including problems with authenticating while connected to a server. Be aware though, clearing cached files won’t resolve all issues as connecting with other players requires specific ports to be open for traffic which may need changes from internal networking setup or from a firewall process outside of the game itself; it is always recommended to configure these options correctly before resorting to deleting data for resolution attempts as data loss may occur beyond recovery unless prepared before commencing file deletion processes.

Rocket League Controller Bindings PS4

If you’re playing Rocket League with a controller on PlayStation 4, you’ll need to customize the button bindings to perform all the necessary actions in-game. In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to set up your controller as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The default control scheme for Rocket League is as follows:

  • Left Stick – Control car movement
  • Right Stick – Camera control
  • X Button – Accelerate
  • Square Button – Boost/Jump
  • Triangle Button – Activate “The Ball Helper” (a driving assistant tool)
  • Circle Button – Handbrake

If these bindings don’t work for you, or if you’d like a more comfortable play style, there are several ways to customize your controller layout. First, you can use any of the profiles already available within the game’s control setting menu: Default, Funky Fresh or Feelin’ Fine.

Additionally, if none of those preconfigured profiles suit your tastes, you can also choose from the variety of available Custom Profiles. With custom profiles, players can change each button binding and create a unique layout that works best for their particular playing style.

Rocket League Controller Settings PS4

Making sure your controller settings for Rocket League are optimized for maximum performance on the PlayStation 4 is important. It can also help increase your accuracy and game sense and make defending and scoring easier. Here are some of the best controller settings to use when playing Rocket League on PS4:

Camera Settings

Invert X Axis: No

Invert Y Axis: No

Camera Shake Intensity: 0

Camera FOV: 110

Distance Scale: 100%

Max Camera Speed: 12

Controller Sensitivity Settings (Standard Setup)

Ball Cam Sensitivity: 4.00

Controller Dead Zone: 0.05

Angular Dead Zone Orbit Camera View (Ballcam): 0.50

Steering Sensitivity Resultant Force/Steering Acceleration Scale: 1.00/1.00

Throttle/Brake Control Scheme (Separate Axes): On

Axis Configuration – Driver Steering Type (Dual-axis Advanced): Default

Becoming Airborne Threshold: 1.80

Auto-Center Spring Scale: 0

rocket league ps4 preis

Rocket League Gratuit PS4

Rocket League is a popular car soccer game for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Developed by Psyonix, the game offers players an exciting experience as they team up to compete in intense five-minute matches. In addition, players acquire items and currency to improve their cars and customize their games.

Many gamers have considered investing in Rocket League Items on the Playstation Store in order to improve the overall gaming experience. Unfortunately, because these prices can be high, many gamers are looking for alternative ways to get these items without paying real money.

One option is through Rocket League Gratuit (Free) events that Sony occasionally hosts yearly. These events allow players to gain exclusive items such as wheels, player banners, rocket boost trails, decals, and other customization options without spending money. Additionally, during special giveaways periodically announced through Sony’s official website or social media channels such as Twitter or Facebook; gamers may receive free codes for additional rare elements or discounts on item bundles that can be used up to a certain date.

Rocket League Prix PS4

Rocket League is an incredibly popular video game that has become a sensation among online gamers. As such, the prices for Rocket League on the Playstation 4 (PS4) vary widely depending on the particular version and edition you’re looking for. Prices range from less than $20 for digital versions to as much as $80 or more for collector’s editions.

Basic editions of Rocket League for PS4 generally start at around USD 19.99, though special discounts may be available occasionally. The full-game digital version is typically available at a discount of around 10-20%, while collector’s editions can cost anywhere from $50 – USD 80, depending on the extras included. Season Passes and additional DLCs are also available and will likely significantly bump the cost.

When purchasing Rocket League on PS4, it’s important to know exactly what kind of product you’re getting since various versions have different features and content. In addition, those looking to get the most out of their purchase should compare prices across multiple retailers and keep an eye out for any promotions or special bundles that could increase their savings even further.

Rocket League PS4 Kostenlos

Rocket League is a popular game for Playstation 4 (PS4) players and offers a combination of soccer and vehicular mayhem on the field. Players take to the field in rocket-powered cars to complete various objectives, earn points and become the ultimate champions.

Prices for Rocket League games on PS4 vary depending on your region and whether you choose to purchase the physical or digital copy of the game. Players in the United States can purchase a physical copy of Rocket League at $19.99 or a digital download edition that costs $19.99 if purchased directly from Sony Entertainment Network (SEN). For those who live in Europe or other regions, prices may vary slightly due to fluctuations in exchange rates, taxes or other regional factors.

In addition to buying Rocket League for your PS4, you can get it legally for free! If you are an active PlayStation Plus member, you may have received this game as part of your monthly Sony Instant Game Collection included with your subscription plan. So check your account regularly to stay up-to-date with the latest offerings from Sony so that you don’t miss out on any great deals!

Rocket League PS4 Preis

Rocket League is a popular video game on various platforms including the PlayStation 4. This highly acclaimed game offers an extraordinary blend of physics-based soccer and action-packed driving, resulting in an incredibly fun experience. As such, the title has achieved immense success, growing a large player base over the years.

Regarding its price on the PlayStation 4, one should expect to shell out 20 US Dollars or 28 US Dollars to purchase either the Standard Edition or Deluxe Edition of Rocket League by Psyonix. This is a one-time fee for either edition with no further charges. Both packages include all features offered in Rocket League, an extensive list of cosmetic items, and multiplayer content. However, the latter is more extensive compared to its standard version, containing various DLCs like Chaos Run and Revenge of the Battle Cars while also packing several extra vehicles and customization options that come with them.

Furthermore, prices may vary depending on several factors such as promotions or discounts offered separately by Psyonix or online stores like Amazon or PlayStation Store. These generally come at special times like holidays or sales season where customers may benefit from temporary savings up to 15-20%.