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Get Your Nerd on with these Casino Games

Nerdiest Casino Games

Did you know? Casino games can be nerdy, and this is a fact. If you ever felt like giving Woo Casino Australia a shot, you would be very happy to find out a whole bunch of such titles that fall under the category of “nerdiness.” Let’s find out which some of the nerdiest titles found in casino parlors – and online are.


Roulette is definitely a game that will put your nerdiness to the test – or even summon it! The game can be played as a bonanza of random bets, but you can be a little more strategic about it – a little nerdier, as it were. Yes, roulette allows you to enjoy yourself a whole lot, but you also get to examine the game in new ways if you decide to leverage a strategy. It’s the strategy thing that will really help you find your true nerd self, where you are calculating probabilities and trying to figure out how far to push a progression strategy.

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There are some inherent challenges to this type of game, too, as roulette is definitely part mathematics and part luck, but the nerds will appreciate that, right?


Nothing screams nerdiness quite the same way as Craps. With its complex table and variety of pockets and possible bets to make, this is a game that really takes a mind that loves numbers and complexity in their game. While the layout becomes very intuitive after a few plays, getting into the game definitely requires a mind that is more inclined to fall under the “nerdiness category,” and there is no shame in that. Craps is definitely one of the more sophisticated games.


Blackjack is definitely the nerdiest casino online pokies of them all. The game comes with the opportunity to “count cards,” which is the nerdiest thing you can do in a game. This is very, very difficult. In fact, there are only a handful of card counters in history, but players do try every time when they visit an online casino. Now, casinos are also aware of that, so there is a double challenge to counting cards.

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One is that you may struggle to actually learn how to do it – this is what usually stops most people who try to count cards and fail at some point. The other is that even when you are successful, you may still be hampered by the fact that the casino may catch you.