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Apex Legends: 4 Tips to Get Better

Apex Legends provides the impression of a far more rapid battle royale gameplay. The game shares more affinity with traditional character shooters than it does with battle royale titles such as Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, according to several critics. For this reason, some novice players may find it challenging to adapt, particularly when attempting to aim during intense combat.

In this guide, we have assembled some of our most useful hints, ideas, and techniques to help you up your game. Because these tactics may be used on any legend and any map, you shouldn’t be concerned if we don’t discuss your primary map or the one you consider to be your all-time favorite. The likelihood of both improving your own game and being able to assist others in theirs increases with practice time and focused effort.

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Improving The Way You Aim

To a rookie player or someone unfamiliar with first-person shooters in general, Apex’s extensive arsenal of weaponry might seem overwhelming. The talk of “meta weaponry,” “pick rates,” “buffs,” and “nerfs” can easily draw you in, even if you aren’t a player. The best way to improve your shooting is to hone your aim first rather than attempting to master every gun in the game at once.

Accurate aiming is crucial in Apex, particularly when engaging foes at medium to long range. It’s crucial that you learn the fundamentals of ADS vs. hip-fire and recoil and that you can accurately aim at all ranges. You can learn a lot by watching the streams of professional players and broadcasters, and you can frequently pick up the same ideas from simply watching them play by emulating their movements and shooting styles.

When it comes to improving your mouse’s movement and steadiness, there are specialized aim training tools available, such as the popular Aim Labs. Instead of relying on a third-party app, you may get the same results by spending a few minutes each day practicing with various weapons in Apex’s Firing Range. While it’s tempting to load them up with all the bells and whistles, it’s important to be comfortable utilizing them in their base form as well, as you can’t always count on finding that purple stock and Turbocharger the moment you drop. You’ll grow better at shooting in general after you’ve gotten used to the feel of the weaponry in the game.

Get to Know The Maps and Areas

As of the 14th season, Apex has four massive arenas to choose from. There are many daily skirmishes, sniper duels, and climactic ring fights that take place in the regions of Kings Canyon, World’s Edge, Olympus, and Storm Point. Only a small number of maps are available at any one time, but they often return for special events and time-limited modes, so it pays to be well-versed in them all.

While we do provide map instructions for each map, it is highly recommended that you get thoroughly familiar with each map’s landmarks and rotation routes. At first, the sheer size of each map may make this seem like an insurmountable challenge, but after playing on each one for a while, it will become second nature. The maps in this game have all been meticulously designed to facilitate smooth gameplay by providing multiple entry and exit points for each point of interest, so familiarizing yourself with their layouts will help you make better decisions when you’re faced with crucial, time-sensitive situations.

Keep a look out for hot loot zones, high-treasure concentrations, and map-specific features like Kings Canyon’s Explosive Holds and Olympus’ Loot MRVNs as you familiarize yourself with each level. Depending on the situation, dropping at a location that yields useful treasure might be the difference between instant death and making it to the final ring. Dropping where the crowd is going may be dangerous; if you die in the chaos that ensues, everyone else may blame you.

Become Friends with the Training Mode

Your first stop before joining a match lobby should be the training mode, where you may get acquainted with each armament and practice your aim. Training mode provides a few useful exercises for reaching this goal. The first one is a break in continuity.

The training mode features a wide variety of moving targets, some of which provide bonuses to damage dealt if hit accurately. You should spend some time shooting and snapping between them. You should go into your aiming position, fire at a target, and then swiftly get out of it so you can move on to the next target. Learning to quickly swap targets is crucial for survival while facing off against many enemy units or in tight proximity when trying to shoot down your sight is ill-advised.

Target practice while strafing in and out of cover is another activity you may engage in here. You’ll need to stand face-to-face with a barrier and sway from side to side while you aim at a faraway target. You can improve your aim and avoid wasting bullets on the wall while you’re aiming at an adversary by doing this.

Know Your Own Playing Style

When you’ve gotten the hang of aiming, it’s time to look at the many characters and weaponry available to pick the ones that suit your play style. Movement and mobility are key components in Apex, although the emphasis isn’t always on speedy kills. There are other legends who like to snipe from a distance or focus their defenses on a single point. Finding your preferred playing style requires some contemplation on your part.

You shouldn’t allow the fact that certain legends will forever be more “technical” than most others to deter you from playing as anyone you choose. Someone who has mastered the art of playing a certain legend will nearly always triumph over an opponent who is striving to play a rather more widely-used or traditionally-stronger legend but has just a surface-level grasp of how to make use of it.

The player’s preferred style of play is not limited to the use of certain weapons or the use of specific legends. Once you have a notion of your strategy for a battle royale encounter, it will be much easier to pinpoint the areas in which you need to improve.