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The benefits of aging up your pets

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Welcome to the magical world of aging up your pets in Sims 4! We know that taking care of a pet can bring a great deal of joy and companionship, which is why you might want to make it feel as realistic as possible by making them grow old along with your human Sims. In this blog, we’ll show you how to make your beloved pet age up and add a unique touch of realism to your game. Buckle up—it’s time to get aging!


The Sims 4 is a popular life simulation game from the Electronic Arts video game developer that allows players to create and control simulated characters. Among the many interesting features of The Sims 4 is the ability to age up your pets, just as you can with Sims Characters.

This guide will explain the different ways to age up cats, dogs and other pets in The Sims 4, as well as provide some additional insights on pet aging. With this knowledge, you will be able to grow your pet family and expand your Sim household in no time!

Understanding the Aging Process in Sims 4

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The aging process for pets in Sims 4 is based off the aging process used for Sim’s themselves. In The Sims 4, all living things age in stages as they reach certain milestones. Pets will age through each stage just like a human Sim. They will start out as a small pup or kitten and grow into an adolescent, eventually becoming an adult. Elder pets will often have white fur or muzzles to indicate their age.

The stages of pet aging are:

  • Puppy/Kitten (lifespan 0-1): Puppies and kittens require frequent care and attention to help them reach adulthood. Caring for your pet during this stage will give you better results when it’s time for them to become an adult.
  • Adolescent (lifespan 1-5): As your pet ages into adolescence, they may grow up very quickly and need more attention from you than when they were a small pup or kitten! During this time, you’ll need to keep up with their basic needs such as playing, eating, potty training, and obedience training but you’ll also need to start teaching them better manners around the house. Doing so will hopefully make for a more obedient adult pet in the future!
  • Adult (lifespan 5 onward): Your pet is now an adult! This is the stage where your pet should be in its prime – active and healthy! While this lifespan doesn’t change much over time, it’s important that you continue teaching good behavior to ensure your pet is thriving as it grows older. Feeding them good food and making sure they get plenty of exercise are essential in keeping their health up into old age.
  • Elder (lifespan 9 onward): It’s important that you continue caring for your elder pets like their younger counterparts with plenty of love and positive reinforcement. As they continue getting older, be sure that their food choices are appropriate for their age group – preferably wet food for cats/dogs over 7 years old as dry kibble can be hard on their teeth & digestive systems at this stage of life! Also keep an eye out physically; being aware of any changes in mobility or hearing can help catch any health issues before they get too severe.

Choosing the Right Pet for Aging Up

Choosing the right pet for aging up is important in The Sims 4. While all cats and dogs can be aged up, some breeds may be more desirable for various reasons. If you have a specific purpose in mind for your pet, you should consider their age, size, personality and intelligence when selecting your pet.

For instance, larger dogs may require more space and food than smaller breeds. They also age differently, so keep this in mind when making your choice. Similarly, cats tend to mature at a faster rate than dogs and they make different friends while they age. They are also generally less dependent on humans than dogs so it’s important to consider this when selecting a suitable feline companion.

The personalities of the pets will also vary depending on their breed. Some breeds may be more active or social than others, while some may even possess special traits such as hunting skills or an inclination towards tidiness that affects their behavior in the game world. Players should also take into consideration which intelligence attributes are better suited to their needs – some pets may have higher learning ability than others or could be better suited to guard duty or other tasks around the house.

These considerations combine to form a complete picture of which pet is best for aging up in The Sims 4. Knowing the details about each breed and its behavior alongside your own goals will help you select the perfect companion for your household!

How to age up pets in sims 4

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There are many ways to age up Pets in The Sims 4. Options vary depending on your pet’s type and the version of the game you are playing. Here is a rundown of how each type of pet can be aged up:

  • Cats, Dogs and Horses: To ageup Cats, Dogs and Horses in The Sims 4, all you need to do is click on their icon in your Sim’s inventory. Then select ‘Age Up Pet’. This will cost Simoleans but can be done multiple times until the animal is at the maximum age for that pet type.
  • Small Animals and Reptiles: Small Animals can reach adulthood by being left alone in a cage for 3 days and reptiles by being in a pond or rainforest biome for 3 days. A notification will appear telling you when they have aged up, unless you have a ‘Sims Unleashed’ expansion pack then they will also stay young forever!
  • Tropical Fish: Tropical fish do not age up but instead change color with each selection from their growth options in interactions menu! Additionally, if you have either ‘Island Living’ or ‘Seasons’ expansion packs then your tropical fish will evolve into different species as they mature.

Tips to Age Up Pets in Sims 4

Pets are one of the most beloved additions to the Sims 4 game and one of the most engaging parts for players is watching their pet and Sim families grow together. Just like in real life, pets age up with time, but you can speed up (or slow down) your pet’s aging process in Sims 4. Here are some tips for aging up pets in the Sims 4 game:

  • Purchase a Pet Aging Potion from the Upgrades tab of Build Mode. This potion will age your pet from a pup all the way through adulthood, allowing them to participate in more interactions.
  • Feed your pet Treats or Buy a Puppy Perk Pack which accelerates their growth rate by 2 days.
  • The birthday cake that can be found on the fridge, or cooked under Cooking Skill → Baking → Birthday Cake functions as a Grow Up or Age Down treat when given to any household member or pet (except horses).
  • Pet companions can age down pets using trick training multiple times until they flee then immediately cancel it out and reward them with something positive.
  • Check out Cheat Codes: You can always adjust the age of your Pets via cheat codes if you want an easy fix for large amounts of Pets that need to be aged up all at once! The “aging -on” cheat code will automatically age all Pets to their next life stage instantly!

Ageing up pets in The Sims 4 is a great way to bring in their own unique personalities and just make their lives interesting. While it might be a bit of extra work, it can pay off down the line when you see your pet’s newfound energy or enthusiasm for new activities. When the aging process is complete, your pet will be ready for even more fun and much more love.

Before starting the aging process, make sure you are prepared with all of the necessary items like treats, toys and beds – and plenty of patience! Once your pet has been aged up, monitor their health carefully to ensure they stay healthy. Be aware of any changes in personality or appetite so that you can better understand exactly how they are feeling.

While adding an older pet to your home can be a bit confusing at first, it’s ultimately a rewarding process that provides much-needed companionship for both yourself and your animal companion.