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How to Survive 2: Tips for PS4

Welcome to the world of How to Survive two! This incredibly detailed, immersive open world adventure game was released in 2020. Featuring stunning visuals and dynamic graphics, no two experiences are ever the same. Players must use creativity, strategy, and resourcefulness to outwit their opponents and survive in a harsh world filled with danger.

This guide is here to help you make the most out of your adventures in Surviving two. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, these tips will help you make the most of your time in this post-apocalyptic landscape. From learning how to scavenge for resources to decoding puzzle clues, every element of this survival simulator will be covered. It’s time to get started on your journey – let’s dive into it!

How to survive 2 tips ps4

Are you overwhelmed by the challenges of the game “Survive 2”? Do you feel like there is no way to win? If so, don’t worry; there are ways to increase your chances of success in the game. This article will provide you with two tips that you can use to increase your chances of success and to help you survive in the game. With these tips, you can become a pro player in no time.

Learn the Basics of the Game

Learning the basics of the game is an important part of survival. Start by familiarizing yourself with the controls and game mechanics. Your first few hours playing should be focused on exploring and mastery of movement, weapon selection, and understanding general game patterns and strategies.

As your knowledge grows, you can advance to more difficult levels that require quick reflexes and advanced tactics.

Additionally, study the map regularly so that you become familiar with locations in the game and recognize how enemies move around them. This will help you develop strategies to reduce chance encounters with enemies or strategically attack areas for necessary items or objectives. Make sure to pay attention to enemy spawn points, as these can assist in making difficult jumps or escaping a losing battle.

Finally, take advantage of training modes when they are available in order to practice movement drills, gunplay and attack routes without the pressure of enemy adventurers. Use online tutorials if needed in order to sharpen your skills before progressing into tougher levels. By taking time to learn the basics, you will feel much more confident as you progress through games scenarios that present challenging scenarios where split-second decisions can be necessary for success!

Utilize the Map

The game map is one of the most important things to use while playing the game. By studying it, you can learn a lot about the environment you are playing in. The map can help you learn where to look for resource-rich locations and allow you to strategize against any adversaries who may be coming your way.

In addition, pay attention to the terrain when navigating, as choosing wrong routes can lead you deeper into hostile regions, making it harder to escape. Staring at your mini-map while heading across familiar terrain will also alert those who are hiding in wait of an ambush.

Gather Resources

Gathering resources is one of the most important aspects of surviving in a game. From building a home base to weapons and ammunition, everything starts with acquiring the right resources to build and equip yourself. Resources can be found almost everywhere, so it’s important to explore your environment. Here are some tips for gathering resources in PS4 games:

  • Enemy looting and scavenging: When you kill an enemy, they will usually drop valuable loot that you can take and use for crafting weapons or items like backpacks or bandages. You can also check out abandoned houses and buildings that might contain important supplies such as food or ammunition.
  • Crafting: Crafting uses materials to create useful items that can be used in-game such as weapons, bandages, crafting tables, etc. You acquire these crafting materials from plants and other components scattered around the world map. Be sure to collect everything you see!
  • Plant gathering: Plants are another great source of resource gathering in the game because they contain various components like leaves, bark, or sap which can be used for healing or crafting outfits for protection against cold temperatures or weather conditions. Look around any area you enter – there will usually be plants somewhere nearby which may have something valuable you need!
  • Mining: Mining ore allows players to find rare metals like iron which they can use to craft armor and other items like pickaxes as well as repair workbenches – so digging is definitely a worthwhile endeavor! Be aware that this action takes quite some time so make sure you plan accordingly!

Manage Your Health and Hunger

Managing your health and hunger levels is essential to surviving in the game. Make sure you stay hydrated and have enough food on hand so that you can manage any hostile encounters and keep moving forward. Health is the most important element to managing in the game, as it determines how much stamina you have available, as well as how quickly any damage you take will be healed.

To replenish your health and hunger, consider gathering resources like fruit, meat or other foods to cook with a campfire.

Keeping track of your inventory is also key to managing your health and hunger in the game. Having enough resources on hand to make appropriate meals can be a life-saver if you get into a sticky situation. Don’t forget items like bandages or splints for treating broken limbs or other injuries, as well as healing elixirs for restoring lost health points more quickly. Also consider utilizing certain defensive items such as trap wires, turrets or other gadgets that can help protect against hostile creatures prowling around at night.

Knowing how to manage your health and hunger levels can make all the difference between a successful survival experience and an unfortunate demise!

Use Weapons and Items Effectively

In order to survive in the game, it is important to use your weapons and items effectively. Know what type of weapon best fits your playstyle and use it efficiently. Your weapons can be used as tools in a variety of ways, like setting traps or crafting items, so make sure you know how to maximize their potential.

It is also important to be aware of the items that are available for use. If a weapon or item has an effect beyond attacking monsters, such as slowing them down or providing defense, be sure to make use of it. Familiarize yourself with the various effects that each item can give you as well as their individual strengths and weaknesses.

The in-game environment can also offer a range of opportunities for surviving. Explore your surroundings carefully to locate key items or potential sources of shelter. For example, trees may provide cover from enemy attacks or lootable objects can provide useful supplies like healing items and resources for crafting equipment. Searching the environment meticulously may lead you to helpful resources or traps set by other players which could help you survive difficult situations.

Finally, planning ahead is essential when surviving in the game. Keep an eye out for enemy spawn points and plan your routes accordingly; knowing where enemies will appear before they do gives you an opportunity to prepare and react faster towards any unexpected challenges that may come up suddenly during an encounter with monsters or other players. Having a clear strategy when going into different regions within the game will also increase your chance of survival significantly as certain levels require specific tactics and strategies in order to progress forward safely with minimal losses!


Crafting is one of the most important aspects of Surviving 2, and it’s essential to your success in the game. Crafting allows you to create items like weapons, armor, tools, and other materials that will help you survive the harsh conditions of the post-apocalyptic world. Knowing how to craft properly is key to surviving in Surviving 2, so let’s take a look at some tips to get you started:

  • Tip 1
  • Tip 2
  • Tip 3
  • Tip 4
  • Tip 5
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Learn the Crafting System

Learning the crafting system in Survival allows for players to create essential items for their game experience. Crafting entails combining multiple components to make a unique item that can used to help you progress through the game. Most items require specific materials and components in order to be crafted and will remain in your inventory until they are used where requested.

Gathering materials is an important first step in crafting, as you must harvest various types of objects such as:

  • Wood
  • Rock
  • Metal
  • Flesh (animal/human)
  • Bone/teeth
  • Leather
  • Cloth/rags

To successfully craft an item, you need find the blueprints for it, which unlock its combination when placed on the work bench. This ensures that each component is stacked up properly and fits within the necessary combination scheme before it can be constructed via a dedicated left trigger button press. Furthermore, if found materials don’t meet required criteria (such as condition) they may not be acceptable when attempting to create a crafted item. Once material needs are met and blueprint requirements are satisfied, selecting an appropriate workbench will allow friendly characters to engage your combination without interruption or resistance from mobs of unnatural origin or hostile creatures encountered throughout exploration excursions.

Gather the Necessary Materials

Gathering the necessary materials for surviving in the world of two tips is essential. You will need to obtain the following things to create a functional camp or shelter:

  • Wood: This can be found in trees around you or on the ground as fallen branches. Collecting wood is one of the most important steps in crafting, as this will be used to construct your base and repair damaged structures.
  • Tools: You will also require certain tools, such as a hatchet, axe, and knife to cut down trees and harvest resources from animals, rocks and plants. Collect wisely as resources are limited, it may be beneficial to obtain stronger materials such as Leaf tiers.
  • Construction Materials: To build your first base you will need some logs or planks for walls, floors and ceilings. Make sure you gather enough material for a roof so that you can stay safe from rain, wind and cold temperatures. Additionally you may also want to collect some tools like a hammer or nail gun if available as these will help with building/breaking/repairing items more quickly.

With the correct materials in hand you will now be able to craft structures for shelter against nature’s elements including strong winds and temperature changes by constructing walls & roofs from logs & planks with nails; ceiling tiles from clay & stone; beds made of textiles (wood & cloth); tables made of logs & rope; chairs made of sticks; fires built out of stones & swords; weapons crafted with ore & firewood; storage boxes made out of bark scraps; water taps crafted out of twigs & insulating fabric etc…

Craft Weapons, Tools, and Structures

In order to survive in the post-apocalyptic world of PS4’s ‘Surviving Two’, you will need to craft weapons, tools, and structures that can protect you from the hazards of the environment. Crafting plays an essential role in learning how to progress through the game and reach your goals.

When conversing with traders, you will receive recipes for crafting various items and structures. Once these recipes are found, you have to gather all of the necessary ingredients which can range from minerals, plants and other materials found in the world. To craft weapons or tools they must be created using a workbench where players can choose recipes and required materials before beginning their crafting process. To build structures and fortify locations, players must use nearby objects for support such as walls or pipes or trees for scaffolding if available.

Upon successful crafting a wide array of weapons and tools will be available such as swords, hammers, picks etc and some provide special abilities like immunity from diseases or colds depending on their type of construction. The same goes for Structural creations where different structures offer different advantages like access to higher ground or tough resistance against attacks from aggressive earthlings!

Crafting is an essential part of ‘Surviving Two’ so use it wisely!

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Surviving Two Tips PS4: Combat is a major part of the game and mastering its strategies can be the difference between victory and defeat. Knowing the ins and outs of combat is essential to surviving and completing the levels in Surviving Two Tips PS4.

This section will provide you with helpful tips and strategies on how to stay alive and survive each fight you come across:

  • Tip 1
  • Tip 2
  • Tip 3
  • Tip 4
  • Tip 5

Learn the Enemy Types

There are three distinct enemy types in the world of Combat, and each one will require you to use different tactics to defeat them.

  • Humanoids. These soldiers are typically wearing regular armor and armed with handguns, submachine guns, or shotguns. You’ll need to be cautious when engaging Humanoids and always stay moving while looking for opportunities to gain advantageous positions.
  • Bosses. These adversaries will take on a variety of shapes and sizes, sometimes standing twice the size of an ordinary soldier or spawning with powerful weapons. It’s important to pay attention whenever you encounter a Boss so you can come up with an effective strategy for dealing with them quickly.
  • Robot enemy type. As their name implies, these foes are mechanical constructs programmed by enemy forces to fight on their behalf. They generally come equipped with heavy weaponry – such as Gatling Guns – capable of dishing out lethal damage in short order if they’re allowed to fixate on your location for even a few seconds. It’s essential that you move quickly when engaging these enemies and always maintain sufficient cover when facing off against them as they can wear down your health very rapidly if given adequate time to do so.

Utilize Cover

Cover is an essential tool for survival in many games. Utilizing cover to break the line of sight and protect yourself from enemy fire can be the difference between life and death. Whenever possible, hide behind mounds of dirt, low walls, overhangs and other obstacles that can prevent you from being hit.

Strategic use of cover will also give you opportunities to flank your enemies and flank them for an ambush or tactical advantage where you can strike quickly with accurate shots with no retaliation coming your way. Use cover effectively to ensure victory on the battlefield.

Use Special Weapons and Items

While engaging in combat, take advantage of the special weapons and items that you may find during your journey. Make use of explosives like grenades to deliver devastating damage and clear out large groups of enemies quickly. Use smoke bombs as a decoy to buy yourself time or as an effective way to block your enemy’s vision when running away.

Don’t shy away from using alternate attacks against tougher foes, like throwing melee weapons or hurling objects found in the environments around you. These alternative methods can help deal with enemy threats that are too powerful for you to engage directly, such as highly armored enemies who can shrug off traditional attacks with ease.

Make sure to keep an eye out for consumable items that offer temporary boosts during combat. Examples include various elixirs which heal injuries and provide other stat buffs, such as defense enhancement or damage reduction. Utilize resources wisely and only deploy them if the situation calls for it – they could be a lifesaver in the heat of battle!


To sum up, Surviving two has been a great experience on Playstation 4 and staying alive for as long as possible takes both skill and the help of useful tips. Memorizing the various menus and functions of the game help make the most of what it has to offer. It is important to remember that Dying in this game is inevitable, so being prepared when starting a new game will help navigate future challenges.

Additionally, teaming up with friends or creating clans can be a great way to survive and get closer as an online community. With these helpful tips, survival in Surviving two should become second nature to any player on Playstation 4!